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Antherospora vaillantii

Antherospora vaillantii (Tulasne) Bauer, Lutz, Begerow, Piątek & Vánky 2008

on Asparagaceae


the anthers are modified in an olive brown powdery mass of spores. The infection is systemic.

host plants

Asparagaceae, oligophagous

Albuca; Leopoldia comosa, tenuiflora; Muscari armeniacum, neglectum, racemosum; Ornithogalum pyrenaicum; Scilla bifolia, bithynica, monophyllos, rosenii, siberica. verna.


Ustilago vaillantii Tulasne, 1847; U. tourneuxii (Fischer von Waldheim) Maire, 1931.


A. vaillantii actually parasitizes exclusively on Leopoldia. References to other Asparagaceae listed above concern a complex of still to be described species (Piątek, Lutz & Chater, 2013a): “A. vaillantii s.l.”.


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