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Urocystis colchici

Urocystis colchici (Schlechtendal) Rabenhorst, 1861

colchicum smut

on Colchicum

Urocystis colchici on Colchicum autumnale

Colchicum autumnale, Belgium, prov. Namur, Lessive, RN Basse Wimbe © Chris Snyers


elongated, low, amphigenous pustular zones, initially lead-coloured until the epidermis ruptures and a black granular-powdery mass of spore balls is released. The spore balls consist of a group of 1-3 spores, for the most part surrounded by a layer of smaller, sterile cells.

host plants

Colchicaceae, monophagous

Colchicum arenarium, autumnale, bivonae, boissieri, longifolium, neapolitanum, persicum, speciosum, triphyllum, turcicum.


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