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Urocystis sorosporioides

Urocystis sorosporioides Körnicke, 1877

on Aquilegia, Thalictrum

Urocystis sorosporioides: galls on Thalictrum minus

Thalictrum minus, Denmark © Simon Haarder


blister-like swellings, mostly at the underside of the leaves, that eventually rupture and release a black, granular-powdery mass of spore balls. The spore balls consist of 1-10 spores, invested by a (nearly) complete layer of small sterile cells.

host plants

Ranunculacea, oligophagous

Thalictrum alpinum, aquilegiifolium, flavum, foetidum, minus, simplex, sultanabadense.

Redfern & Shirkey associate the species also with Aquilegia amaliae, Roskam (2009a) also A. vulgaris. But Vánky states that only outside of Europe the species occurs in association with columbine.


Tuburcinia sorosporioides (Körnicke) Liro, 1922.


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