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Anthracoidea caricis

Anthracoidea caricis (Persoon) Brefeld 1896

on Carex

Anthracoidea caricis

Carex “soulici”, from Unamuno (1941a): galled utriculus and spoores


the contents of the ultimately rupturing utriculi is transformed into a hard, black body consisting of agglutinated spores; its surface is powdery.

host plants

Cyperaceae, narrowly monophagous

Carex curvula, fritschii, fuliginosa, halleriana, montana, pilulifera, subspathacea.

Carex soulici Sennen, mentioned as a Spanish host species by Unamuno is unknown to the Plant List (2017) and the Euro+Med PlantBase (2017).


Cintractia caricis (Persoon) Magnus, 1896; C. urceolarum (de Candolle) Ciferri, 1931.


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