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Anthracoidea fischeri

Anthracoidea fischeri (Karsten) Kukkonen, 1963

on Carex


the contents of the ultimately rupturing utriculi is transformed into a hard, black globular body, 1-2 mm in size consisting of agglutinated spores; initially it is covered by a silvery membrane, that later flakes off. The spores are 13-22 µm long, their wall is evenly thickened.


Cyperaceae, monophagous

Carex brunnescens, canescens, chordorrhiza, diandra, disticha, heleonastes, lapponica, mackenziei, tenuiflora, vulpina.

Mainly canescens and disticha.


Cintractia fischeri (Karsten) Liro, 1935.


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