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Moreaua kochiana

Moreaua kochiana (Gäumann) Vánky, 2000

on Schoenus


The ovaries are malformed, filled with rotund balls, each consisting of some 50-80 tightly adhering spores.

host plants

Cyperaceae, monophagous

Schoenus ferrugineus, nigricans.

Tomasi (2014a) additionally cites Schoenoplectus lacustris & subsp. glaucus and Schoenoplectus litoralis; the association of these plants with M. kochiana is very improbable. In Vánky’s book no smut is mentioned for Schoenoplectus.


Thecaphora kochiana (Gäumann) Thirumalachar & Neergaard, 1978 Tolyposporium kochianum Gäumann, 1932.


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