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Stegocintractia luzulae

Stegocintractia luzulae (Saccardo) Piepenbring, Begerow & Oberwinkler, 1999

on Luzula


the capsule is transformed into a naked, black, initially agglutinated, later ± powdery mass of spores. Spores dark reddish brown, 19-24 x 20-30 µm. The infection is systemic.

host plants

Juncaceae, monophagous

Luzula campestris, forsteri, luzulina, luzuloides, multiflora & subsp. frigida, nivea, pilosa, spicata, sudetica, sylvatica & subsp. sieberi, wahlenbergii.


Ustilago luzulae Saccardo, 1873, Cintractia luzulae (Saccardo) Clinton, 1902.


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