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Melanotaenium endogenum

Melanotaenium endogenum (Unger) de Bary, 1874

bedstraw smut

on Galium

Melanotaenium endogenum on Galium verum

Galium verum, Denmark, Mols, cliffs, vi.2023 © Sébastien Carbonelle

Melanotaenium endogenum on Galium verum

infected plants


sori as lead-coloured warts in rows along the lower internodes of the stem; often they are so numerous that the internodium seems generally swollen; spores are formed in the host tissue, the black spore mass therefore is agglutinated, not powdery. Infected plants do not flower.

host plants

Rubiaceae, monophagous

Galium album, biebersteinii, boreale, glaucum, laevigatum, mollugo, odoratum, verum.

Buhr adds G. glaucum. According to Ellis & Ellis mainly on G. verum.


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