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Ustilago hordei

Ustilago hordei (Persoon) Lagerheim, 1899

covered smut of barley and oats

on Hordeum


Smut of the grains. Characteristically, the spore mass is not blown out, but remains as a clump within the glumes. The spores are smooth, measure 7(8)-9(11) µm, and are olive brown at one side, almost hyaline at the other. Infected culms remain abnormally short.

host plants

Poaceae, oligophagous

Arrhenatherum elatius; Avena barbata, nuda, sativa, strigosa; Hordeum vulgare & subsp. distichon + spontaneum.


The English name “Covered Smut” refers to the fact that the spore mass remains covered by the glumes.


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