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Vankya ornithogali

Vankya ornithogali (Schmidt & Kunze) Ershad, 2000


on Gagea

Vankya ornithogali on Gagea villosa

Gagea villosa, Belgoium, prov. Luxembourg, Steinfort. 4.iii.2024 © Thomas Gyselinck (spores not checked microscopically)



5 mm long fusiform swellings in the leaves and bracts that eventually rupture lengthwise, releasing a blackish brown, powdery mass of spores. The fungus is systemic, reappearing year after year on the same plant. Spores 10-19 µm, virtually smooth.

host plants

Asparagaceae, Liliaceae, narrowly polyphagous

Gagea bohemica, confusa, cossoniana, dubia, foliosa, gageoides, liotardii, lutea, maeotica, mimima, polymorpha, pratensis, pusilla, spathacea, villosa.

Incorrect;y cited by Vánky (1994a) frpom Ornithogalum narbonense, umbellatum (Vánky, 2012a)


Ustilago ornithogali (Schmidt & Kunze) Kühn, 1875.


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Last modified 20.iii.2024