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Hyaloperonospora sisymbrii-loeselii

Hyaloperonospora sisymbrii-loeselii (Gäumann, 1918) Göker, Riethmüller, Voglmayr, Weiß & Oberwinkler, 2004

on Sisymbrium

Hyaloperonospora sisymbrii-loeselii on Sisymbrium officinale

Sisymbrium officinale, Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Mol, © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Hyaloperonospora sisymbrii-loeselii on Sisymbrium officinale

same leaf, underside

Hyaloperonospora sisymbrii-loeselii: conidiophore


Hyaloperonospora sisymbrii-loeselii: conidiophore

conidiophore, terminal branchings

Hyaloperonospora sisymbrii-loeselii: conidia



Underside of the leaves with a greyish white fungal down of erect conidiophores that apically several times are branching, each branch ending upon an ovoid conidium.

host plants

Brassicaceae, monophagous

Sisymbrium altissimum, irio, loeselii, luteum, officinale, volgense.


Peronospora sisymbrii-officinalis Gäumann, 1918. Older authors, but also the Index Fungorum (2015) consider this as an independent species (or perhaps just as the valid name).


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