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Paraperonospora minor

Paraperonospora minor (Savulescu & Rayss) Constantinescu, 1989

on Achillea, Artemisia


spots epiphyllous, pale, brown when tissues become necrotic, polyangular. Down hypophyllous, whitish or yellowish, in patches, sometimes powdery, covering large, vein-limited areas or the entire lower surface, but often obscured by the trichoma. Conidia oval, 25-30 µm lang; tip of terminal branchlets of the conidiophore blunt but not swollen.


Asteraceae, oligofaag

Achillea clusiana; Artemisia clusiana, siversiana, vulgaris.

Outside of Europe also Dendranthema boreale, Nipponanthmum nipponicum


Peronospora sulphurea f. minor Savulescu & Rayss, 1930.


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