Paraperonospora sulphurea (Gäumann) Constantinescu, 1989

on Asteraceae, Anthemideae


upper side with yellow spots; underside with a whitish to light sulphur yellow fungal down. It consists of erect, tree-like branching conidiophores.


Asteraceae, monofaag

Artemisia absinthium, annua, campestris, dracunculus, ludiviciana, serrata, suksdorfii, vulgaris.

Constanstinescu (1989a) additionally mentions Helichrysum orientale, Xerochrysum bracteatum en Tanacetum corymbosum, but this is not repeated by Klenke & Scholler.


Peronospora sulphurea Gäumann, 1923; Plasmopara sulphurea (Gäumann) Skalický, 1966.


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