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Peronospora aestivalis

Peronospora aestivalis Sydow, 1923

on Medicago

Peronospora aestivalis on Medicago sativa

Medicago sativa, Belgium, prov. Flemish Brabant, Wespelaar © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Peronospora aestivalis on Medicago sativa

same leaf, underside

Peronospora aestivalis: conidiophore


Peronospora aestivalis: conidiophore

ultimate branches

Peronospora aestivalis: conidia



development of the plant disturbed; upperside of the leaf with yellow spots. Underside there with a brownish purple down of 0.5 mm high erect conidiophores that apically several times are dichotomously branching, each branch ending in a conidium of 9-27 x 16-37 µm with a verrucose to smooth surface.

host plants

Fabaceae, monophagous

Medicago falcata, intertexta subsp. ciliaris, littoralis, polymorpha, sativa, truncatula, x varia.


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