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leafminers, galls and fungi

Peronospora arabidis-glabrae

Peronospora arabidis-glabrae Gäumann, 1918

on Arabis


the plant is disfigured, leaves often are small, pale, their margins bent downwards. Underside of the leaves with a thin greyish-white bloom of fungus, consisting of vertical, apically several times dichotomously branched conidiophores.


Brassicaceae, narrowly monophahous

Arabis glabra.


P. ochroleuca Cesadola, 1855, cited by Brandenburger and Buhr, is listed by the Index Fungorum (2015) as an independent species, but is understood by Klenke & Scholler as a synonym of arabidis-glabrae.


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