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Peronospora trifolii-hybridi

Peronospora trifolii-hybridi Gäumann, 1923

on Trifolium

Peronospora trifolii-hybridi on Trifolium pratense

Trifolium pratense, Belgium, prov. Limburg, Koersel © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Peronospora trifolii-hybridi on Trifolium pratense

hypophyllous down

Peronospora trifolii-hybridi: conidiophore


Peronospora trifolii-hybridi: conidiophore


Peronospora trifolii-hybridi: conidiophore

conidiophore, base


underside of the leaves with a greyish fungal down of erect conidiophores that apically several times are dichotomously branching, each branch ending upon a conidium. Embedded in the host tissue lie brown, thick-walled, smooth oospores

host plants

Fabaceae, narroly monophagous

Trifolium hybridum, pratense, scabrum, striatum.


Peronospora trifolii-pratensis Gustavsson, 1959; P. pratensis Gäumann, 1923.

However, DNA-work by García-Blázquez cleary ao shows two groups, one for P. trifoilii-hybridi on Trifolium hybridum, a second one for P. trifolii-pratensis on T. pratense.

the Index Fungorum (2016) considers P. trifolii-hybridi a mere junior synonym of P. trifoliorum.


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