Sclerospora graminicola (Saccardo) Schröter, 1886

on Poaceae


Infested leaves remain rolled in, they are sometimes strongly thickened, brittle, pale at first, finally dark brown. Under humid condition temporarily a white thin fungal down appears, consisting of vertical, terminally several times branching conidiophores. Plants abnormally bushy. When they desintegrate the brown, naked, 30-55 µm large oospores are released.

host plants

Poaceae, oligophagous

Agrostis stolonifera; Digitaria sanguinalis; Echinochloa crus-galli; Elymus caninus; Panicum miliaceum; Poa nemoralis; Setaria adhaerens, italica, pumila, viridis; Sorghum bicolor.


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